Swap Audio Tutorial

You may have noticed that some torrents come with multiple audio files. Since a lot of devices can only read one audio track per mp4, I made this tutorial for you to be able to swap the audio to that of another language. Obviously, this needs to be done prior to splitting <4GB if needed.

1. Start off by downloading Yamb: YAMB » Yet Another MP4Box UI
Swap Audio Tutorial -


2. Extract the .zip file and run yamb.exe.
Swap Audio Tutorial -


3. Add the original video and new audio for swapping.
Swap Audio Tutorial -

Swap Audio Tutorial -


4. Deselect the audio belonging to the video (mp4) file. You should be left with the new audio and original video selected.
Swap Audio Tutorial -


5. Enter a new filename and click next.
Swap Audio Tutorial -


6. Wait for the progress bar to complete.
Swap Audio Tutorial -

– Download & run YAMB from the link provided.
– Select first visible option
– Add original video and new audio
– Deselect old audio
– Rename & click next

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Any way of doing this in Android?