Split MP4 Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to split an .mp4 to beat the <4GB restriction some devices have. I have tested this and it appears to be working most of the time.

Download Yamb: YAMB » Yet Another MP4Box UI

Extract the .zip file and run yamb.exe.

Add the file you wish to split. Then select a filesize of your choice.
Rename your “output” file and press next.

Wait for the progress bar to complete.

Select displayed option

Add, rename and process the splits one at a time

– Download & run YAMB from the link provided.
– Select option displayed on picture
– Add file
– Choose filesize (must obviously be less than 4000MB)
– Rename & click next
– Select option displayed on picture
– Add, rename and process the splits one at a time

3 thoughts on “Split MP4 Tutorial

  1. How do you convert MKV file to MP4 file without losing the quality? cause your mp4 file video is so crisp thumbs up to your realeses.

  2. Many of my friends use iDealshare VideoGo to split the mp4 file into separate individual files.

    After have a try, it really works so great, it can split MP4 files without re-encoding or split MP4 to other video or audio formats.

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