Split MP4 Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to split an .mp4 to beat the <4GB restriction some devices have. I have tested this and it appears to be working most of the time.

Download Yamb: YAMB » Yet Another MP4Box UI

Extract the .zip file and run yamb.exe.

Add the file you wish to split. Then select a filesize of your choice.
Rename your “output” file and press next.

Wait for the progress bar to complete.

Select displayed option

Add, rename and process the splits one at a time

– Download & run YAMB from the link provided.
– Select option displayed on picture
– Add file
– Choose filesize (must obviously be less than 4000MB)
– Rename & click next
– Select option displayed on picture
– Add, rename and process the splits one at a time

One thought on “Split MP4 Tutorial

  1. Many of my friends use iDealshare VideoGo to split the mp4 file into separate individual files.

    After have a try, it really works so great, it can split MP4 files without re-encoding or split MP4 to other video or audio formats.

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