You probably thought I was dead, didn’t you? New Website!

Greetings fellow Noobs.

It looks like WordPress shut down my old site, most likely for having “copyright material” even though I was obviously just sharing “backups” for people that already bought/owned the Blu-rays and since I actually wanted to continue doing this, I had no option but to learn about/get my own domain and hosting, in other words, start a real website (with no “” in the address). Luckily and thanks to the donors, there was just enough reserved donation money to start the new site, otherwise I’d be screwed. (I’m too broke to pay.)

I’m STILL not done, however most of it is complete (I’ll finally make a logo). I think you guys will like the “Series list” and “English dub” pages when I’m done with them.

It took me 7 days & 7 nights and the site is still shit but it looks like NoobSubs is back!
The downside is that more donations will be needed because of the extra costs + seeding but hopefully this site will somehow attract more people so we’ll see how this works out.

Please donate some funds by end of the month…

Edit: I Really need 30$ by the 30th. Please donate if you can.

Had a mini celebration when seeing this so fast. Thank you!

You probably thought I was dead, didn't you? New Website! - Announcements

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