What happened to NoobSubs?

I was suppose to post this in the beginning of August!… Pretend like we’re August 6 or something…

August 6:

Many of you have been wondering, what happened? Why did ya disappear? WHERE’S MY ANIME?!

Well it’s very simple. During the time Nyaa got shut down (after the first week of May), I got multiple (like 50) DMCA notices at once from my old provider and they decided to shut down my website WITHOUT warning! (Could of at least give me 24 hours or something!) I won’t lie, I was pretty devastated, a lot more devastated than I’d thought. Not necessarily because it was shut down, you can always make another one, but because I thought I didn’t have a backup. The earliest and only full backup I thought I had was in 2016! Thank God I randomly saved an incomplete one the month before, (which I hardly ever did in the first place). If I hadn’t saved that incomplete backup (a backup of all the post, plugins and everything other than the massive amounts of pictures, which I had lying in my computer anyway), I might never have came back…

Fast forward midway in July, I started looking for a webhosting that would be “more accepting” of my “type of content” and “preferences” and I actually did!, which might sound hella gay to some of you… I was debating whether to go with a super easy entry shared hosting or a painfully hard VPS andddd…. I decided the harder route (didn’t know at the time).
The enthusiasm of owning my own server was there at first but quickly died off. For the first 2 weeks, I tried plowing through but there was no way of keeping that pace because my sanity was fading way too fast. I basically went from essentially not even knowing what Linux is (noob) to becoming part Linux server administrator (less of a noob).

Applies for August 10 – September 21:

There’s a lot of stuff in the back end that I’ve been learning/trying to improve on the site. You may have noticed the encryption “https” in the url (up to TLS 1.3), the ftp server or “download section”, the FINALLY fixed/should of done this 2 years ago, featured post slider (images sliding thing on the homepage) being too stretched, etc. I’ve also been working on more efficient use of system resources, security along many other small tweaks and most importantly, SPEED! That’s is why the website has been going off and on (sometimes for days) and from really slow -> faster -> super fast (at least on my end) during the past month past 2 months. This is also why this seemingly complete website still has no new uploads.

I’m pretty much done. 25%-35% of the links still haven’t been changed. I guess I’ll do it at some point. Still haven’t done the fate/Queen’s blade series even though I started (I have 150GB of this crap idling on my HDD.) The second you see a post regarding a seedbox purchase, expect uploads to up start again.

7 thoughts on “What happened to NoobSubs?

  1. Thanks for coming back! You’re my source of 1080P MP4 format media.

    Was kinda shocked when it all happened but thanks for staying with us!

  2. Good to see you back. Really appreciate all your works.

    All of your efforts would not go in vain. In the end you learned something (Linux and other things).

  3. Welcome back! its good to see you well and going about!

    Good luck with that Linux thingy it made me lose my mind fast but it might help you a lot in the long run!

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