Torrents are temporarily down

Torrents are temporarily down. You can get them here: Link

Edit: Backup links have a lot more seeders than advertised.
If downloads are slow, you can try updating your torrent trackers by re-downloading the torrent file from the backup links and loading them into your torrent software.

Edit: I had some problems figuring out what to do but I’ll start uploading tomorrow because it really seems like nyaa will be down for a LONG time.

Sorry for the delay. This nyaa business ceased my uploads.

3 thoughts on “Torrents are temporarily down

  1. Hi, thanks for your extremely well made encodes.
    I really think that nyaa will be gone completely in the near future. Other torrent sites are also very unrealiable as of late.
    It would be a good idea to get yourself an xdcc bot and an irc channel.
    I’m not certain about the actual costs for this but since every little fansub outfit seems to have an own channel the costs can’t be that high…
    Just my 2 cents…

    1. I looked into it and it seems like I can’t. Fansubbers use a lot less GB than I do because they mostly do airing series. With only something like Yamato 2199, I’d already fill 1/4 of a 200GB XDCC bot.

      1. That’s true…
        But it could be a good idea for older stuff that has little or no seeds.
        AFAIK a 250GB bot costs roughly 10 Dollars a month.
        So maybe it would be worth a try. at least for some of your material.
        nyaa is done for, even if they should be back in a few days I have a gut feeling that the ddos attacks will also be back again…

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