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Site Under Construction! - Announcements

I’ll write a post later explaining what happened.
For now: Site Wide Download Link!

Edit: lol at the guy who donated 0.01$.
Edit 2: It’s been a while… but I’m probably almost done.
Edit 3 : This site’s homepage images were stretched at 1920x1080p and didn’t look that well… I’m not sure how I never noticed this in the past 2 years! It’s fixed now though.
Edit 4: You guys should be seeing a Big speed increase.

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8 thoughts on “Site Under Construction!

  1. Wb man!
    I also just came back to torrent anime and i noticed that the amagami that i download since way back early January is stuck at 97.7% and i have no idea why. Just letting you know anyway wb again 🙂

  2. Hope things are going ok the “Saint Tail” link dose not seem to be working when I click on it I get a bunch of text

  3. U have returned to us… During a time when other fansubs are not releasing much… Thank you for coming back…
    Will greatly anticipate new BD releases! ^ ^

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