Not Enough Funds!

There has been very few donations lately. I’m not getting enough to sustain this site anymore. It seems like the new site is actually getting less than half of the traffic the other one had so I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Remember, your donations are used to seed hundreds of Terabytes of data (yes 100TB+ as in 100 HDDs), as well as running the web hosting service, potential hardware purchases among other things. I would like to continue doing this but if there isn’t enough funds, it will not be possible. I can’t do this without your support. Please donate!

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10 thoughts on “Not Enough Funds!

  1. Hey guys, have you thought of setting up a Patreon account? I think that might help with the consistency of donation, so we can set x amount of dollars for each BD you post.

    Just a suggestion.
    Please dont die.

  2. Just a guess, but I think some of the traffic drop off may be due to the lack of English dubs lately, lots of more casual anime viewers don’t go for subs… personally I love both, just a theory 🙂

  3. Hey Noobsubs!! I thought you were gone man! Just saw a torrent on nyaa anime I’ll definitely give a donation. Appreciate you work.

  4. I think the lack of traffic is due to how long you were gone and that people dont know that youre back now. Try to advertise yourself as much as possible and let people know you returned as much as you can.

      1. Hmmm….I would make a account page on Kickasstorrents. Arguably the biggest and best torrent site on the web thanks to a comment and ratings system that allows feedback on what your gonna download. I have seen uploads of your work there before so Id just make a account for yourself and just spread word your back perhaps through the other major anime providers on there (cornbreadman comes to mind).

        Just ask for help among some of the guys there and im sure your name will start getting recognition (or at least more people will know your back. In hindsight not letting people know just WHY you vanished for a while probably got you in this situation,.

        1. I already have an account there with all the uploads. I’m not really sure where to post in the threads but I’ll keep looking.

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