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Long time no upload

From now on, in addition to making [NoobSubs], I’ll be trying out new x265 encodes as well. These will be called [NewbSubs]. They WILL be of lower quality BUT using a “High Efficiency Video Codec”. I’m aiming for around 30-40% smaller filesizes. Not too sure about compatibility since it’s x265 and I don’t know if there’s a standard yet. They should work for the XboxOne and PS4 and anything that can play H.265 though…


I think I’ve lost motivation to upload. I’ve been paying for the seedboxes for the past 5 month + the VPS, put an insane amount of work on the site and donations have been pretty horrible, even when I was uploading. I thought after 2 months max, I would get more traffic and with that, donation would arrive and cover most of it but it wasn’t even close.
I’ve drooped over 400$ of my own money into this and I’m running out of money. I used to get super motivated when receiving even the smallest amounts of donations which would push me to upload more but when you’re already broke, giving away that much and seeing your work not pay off, motivation just dies.
Just remember that donation = Seedbox and Seedbox = this site’s existence. Hopefully this will rekindle something…

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17 thoughts on “NewbSubs Encodes + future of NoobSubs

  1. Hmm, anyone else have any issues playing this on PS4? Maybe I missed a setting? Other shows have been playing just fine.

  2. Why not open a Patreon like Hatsuyuki and DeadFish? And also add bitcoin option like Hi10Anime. You should also include donation info on torrent description page and in a text file inside every one of your torrents, start re-posting those on Anidex.

  3. Hey Dude,

    I love what you do and the high quality content. I only feel the need to help now as i have gotten a few series in the past when i was less fortunate. I hope the $100 helps.

  4. First let me say that I am impressed with your site. You have done an amazing job here.
    Lots of older anime’s with higher video formats available then the time they came out. Bravo on that!
    Some I know need updating in my archive to be sure.
    I am sorry to hear you hit hard times. Seeder/server space is not cheap these days i know. And all fansubbers sites are hurting on donations it seems unless they get them ad sponsors.

    You have a lot of good classic and current anime with updated quality that I would hate to see it die just after I found this place.
    I threw down a donation for the cause and cause I like you have provided, but shoot me a personal message when you get a chance and I may be able to help out a bit more.

    Regardless, thanks for providing the masses much needed anime fuel over the years!

  5. Thank you for all your hard work! I really appreciate what you’ve been doing and it helps me a lot. I wish I could donate something, but I don’t believe someone can be more broke than I am, so I’m sorry. Wish you the best, keep the good work (y).

  6. Thanks for all the hard work. I just donated what was left on my paypal account. It’s not much but I hope it helps a bit.

  7. Zack,
    I personally can not thank you enough for the effort you have done for all of us, including yourself. To create amazing quality anime for us to DL and have for many years to come. The frustration I feel from you is something I to can relate to and seeing all the work you have done and seeing no benefits from it besides leechers is just absurd. Anyone willing to download should support you and what you are doing, even if it may be 1 dollar which sure as hell isn’t much but if the number of people would contribute as much as they download from you, you would have met your goals plenty of times.

    People need to pitch in to help and once I get paid coming in the next few days, I will throw whatever I can to support you because I seriously dont want to see this die out for the sake of cheap, inconsiderate assholes, pardon my wording.

    So please you guys, help the man out, he deserves it, even if it is a little but even though small it will go a long way into making this even better not only for us but for him as well.

    1. If you love what he is doing, then please support him by donating. Id rather not see hallow words flood this for the sake of someone “thinking” that they care. Imnot pointing this out to you directly, so dont think that i am but this is for the majority of people DL from this.

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