Hardware Restored.. Except one…

I was suppose to do this like 40 50 days ago but… you know…

You guys did it! With the donation funds, I was capable of getting a “new” used computer for encoding. I was literately dollars off so EVERY SINGLE donation counted. I couldn’t believe it!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Now I realize just how shitty that old, floppy screen, small, broken/cracked, no battery laptop was.
IT ACTUALLY HAS A BATTERY and It even HAS AN EXTRA HDD SLOT! 3 HDDS IN 1 LAPTOP!!! H265 will be a lot to “queue” now!
But I’d rather show my appreciation through uploading.

Lately, I had to reinstall everything in the web server because for whatever reason, the website became slow as crap and I literately could not upload. It would take 5 minutes to load a single page which is NOT acceptable with is why it’s been down/weird for past three four weeks… I now optimized it as best as I could.

The site SHOULD be really responsive (fast). Please let me know if it’s slow of your end.

There’s a lot of torrents I really want to upload/get rid of from my hard drives so I’m going to get to that…

Btw: I started me own tracker. It’s mostly useless and a MASSIVE waste of time BUT kind of cool so I’ll be testing it out and if the load is too much, I’ll simply remove it. I’ll add it to new torrents.

Just a head up, one of my hard drive has a bad sector soooooo… I know this will be a big problem later on…

Pretty weird though, after I got just the right amount, donations completely died so there’s nothing left for seedboxes…

But I HAVE to get started uploading again. I have 20$ coming in a week or so and as soon as I repurchase a seedbox, I’ll re-start fully uploading.

Doesn’t look like I have any money coming in…

6 thoughts on “Hardware Restored.. Except one…

  1. Glad to have you back!!!. I was hoping you would return! Love you encodes and MP4 files.
    I think the long lack of updates during your downtime scared a bunch of people away, think a lot of seeders are gone too, but maybe they will come back now they see your up and running again.

    Threw another donation your way to help you get the steam going again. Look forward to the your future encodes.

    I know this belongs in the requests (which it is), but would love to see the Fate/Apocrypha get finished out in MP4.
    I hate mixed sub series and you had me me worried since episoded 21. Lol

    1. Thanks a lot for the donation.

      Yeah, I really should have updated but I’m always slow with those kinds of things. Even when replying to comments, it can take me up to a month to get to them even though I read all of them 1 or 2 days after being posted.
      I’ll try to be a little faster with the queue list, comments and “updates” cuz that was waaaay too late/slow.

      Added Fate to the list. I’ll be doing the Blu-ray with UTW subs.

  2. If you need hardware i may have some old hdd pulls from defunct stuff.
    Also, How can i get access to your dual audio 8bit stuff. my kodi doesnt like 10bit. 🙂
    Do you have a an a pay for xdcc server or something?

    1. Because of what I do, it would have to be multiple terabytes and new/reliable. I can’t rely on old hardware. But thanks for the offer.
      What do you mean?
      Well, I have to pay for the seedbox to seed the torrents. I don’t have a XDCC server.

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