Hardware Failure…

Well… remember that hardware failure I talked about over a week ago? Looks like my computer (laptop) is basically dead. It’s been really bad for about a month or so but now it’s done. I’m lucky if it even powers on for more than 3 seconds. Couldn’t even encode for the past 1 to 2 weeks because of this. Can’t really upload with a dead computer… Not sure what I can do. I should have used my money on a new one instead of seedboxes…

Sorry guys.

Edit!: Before the pc powers off, you guys have been donating a good amount and I’m really starting to get closer towards having enough to get a 2nd hand computer to continue encoding. Of course, THANK YOU so much for the donation thus far. Maybe there’s still hope…

Edit!!: Getting closer and closer!!

20 thoughts on “Hardware Failure…

  1. after getting back can you pls reseed some anime that will have incoming sequel pls pls pls…
    Tokyo Ghoul
    Boku no Hero Academia
    Food Wars
    Attack on Titan

  2. Not sure where to request seeding of a series, but can you point me in that direction.
    An email would be great.
    …One last note, if you still need a second pc, i may be able to pick up one from work.
    Although shipping it may cost more than its worth.

    1. Great Idea! I saw your comment but I wanted to research a bit about bitcoin before putting one up. I should have one before the end of the week.
      And of course, your donation (if your still willing) would be of great help.

  3. Just got a PS4 Pro and the way it renders your encodes looks AMAZING. So I drop by to snag every release I don’t already have and, lo and behold, disaster has befallen our hero!

    Allocating $10 from next paycheck for you, Zack. Fight the good fight!

  4. deadfish has to do a youcaring every month to get the money they need but you can make one for whatever you want really so a new laptop can be put up with a certain price from there people share on facebook etc and then hopefully you get donations

  5. Why not open a Patreon like Hatsuyuki and DeadFish? And also add bitcoin option like Hi10Anime. You should also include donation info on torrent description page and in a text file inside every one of your torrents, start re-posting those on Anidex.

  6. might be overheating problem. A bad fan, old thermal compound that does not transfer heat out anymore. Even a fan blockage with fluff or dust etc.. Can you tell me more about the problem and i might be able to help as much as i can.

    1. Randomly powers off while using. I tried changing the paste, changing the PSU more than once, changing hdd, using one stick of ram, running while almost nothing is connected to motherboard and the same thing still happens. It’s probably a damaged mobo.

      1. Check the capacitors on your MB. If those are leaking a brownish fluid/crystals, your MB is on the verge of death unless you’re are able to replace them.

        1. Honestly, don’t know how and that would be going a bit too far…
          The pc did it’s time. A new one would be best.

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