Donations for new power supply

Donations for new power supply - Announcements

This has been going on for a few months now but it looks like my Power supply (a computer part) is dying. My computer is randomly shutting off during encodes, hard drives power off at random and now I’m getting increasingly scarred. I’ve dragged this on for far too long. I’m opening up donations for a new Power supply. The estimated cost is 80$. Of course, the other bills have to be paid as well. Please consider donating.

EDIT: THANK YOU ALL, ESPECIALLY Anonymous the 2nd, not just for the donations of this month but for all of them in general! I can’t believe the PSU is lasting this long even though it was leaking fluids for a while (it is that bad) but now I can finally replace it! I was sh*iting bricks when I saw the donation count of this February. Thanks again.

Donations for new power supply - Announcements

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  1. Hey Zack your back, I was bummed out tried going on this site over the summer and it said you quit… Just glad to see you still around!

    1. Wow, thanks for the offer!!! But it’s actually an AC adapter (which is still a PSU). It makes things easier to explain/understand saying PSU.

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