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I’ve been having disk space problems since day one therefore I have decided to open donations for a new HDD among other things. Since you guys like giving me 40 50 70 80GB requests, storage is REALLY important. This will definitely make my life easier because I’ll be able to queue A LOT more downloads. (Basically, if ever I don’t feel like doing 83.24GB of Yamato 2199, I’d have the disk space to just move on to another project instead of stalling.)

Please donate. My goal is at least 140$ but 200$ would be ideal. Can’t really say by how much the upload rate will increase but larger requests will definitely go faster.

I need an extra 26 cents to pay for the seedbox. There’s only 2 days left!

Edit: Goal passed!

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14 thoughts on “Donations for new hardware

  1. I’m going to donate some more in a couple of days just got to get payed first. i may request another series when i do. but in the mean time thanks fellow Zack. 😀

    1. $50 for you Fellow Zack. A request is to somehow get outlaw star english dub. if you can that is…. ill donate at the end of the month when i get payed again… 😀

      1. I don’t know why you’ve donated so much but you’re one of the main reasons this site has grown to this point. Now I think the HDD will be a big boost in upload rate (1.5x-3x)… getting closer.
        THANK YOU

        1. hold off on getting that new hard drive at least until i can donate again i can get you to $200 considering that other people have started donating. 😀

  2. There’s 20 dollars for the hdd and your 26 cents for the seedbox. and if its not to much to ask could you do a series for me. If so send me a message.

  3. Yeah such large requests are kinda ridiculous to be honest. Perhaps if you did them in chunks instead of all at once? Perhaps in batches of ten episodes? Should certainly be easier than 50-100 episodes at once.

    1. No, I’m talking about 12 to 26 episodes.
      I don’t mind it. Matter of fact, that’s what I do. It’s just I need more disk space to make these requests easier.

      1. Perhaps you should start deleting the older posts to help make room? If your doing a Studio Ghibli collection, just get rid of the single films you have up now since they will be released again in the future anyway.

        And lets be honest, how many downloaded Hunger Games? Do we really still need it up here taking space?

        1. I didn’t have the best of explanations so here’s a better one.

          Let’s just say I have 150GB available. If I downloaded Yamato 2199 which is 83GB, that’s 150 – 83. After, I’d have to make a 720p and 1080p version of it (-50GB). Then I’d only have 17GB left (150 – 83 – 50 = 17). Let’s just say it’s the eng dub version and I have to do modified subs which I don’t always feel like doing and takes a while. Since I only have 17GB left, I basically can’t do anything else until Yamato is done. Now if I had more disk space, I could just switch to something easy like The Devil Is a Part-Timer! and encode that instead. And maybe in a day or two when I feel like it, I could simply resume my previous work. (There a lot more to it but that’s the gist of it.)
          It has nothing to do with what you were saying.

          (Btw: The hunger games was one of my top uploads. Still has like 100 seeders.)

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