Your continued support is what keeps this website online. Unfortunately, there were no donations last month. Please donate so I can continue seeding Terabytes of anime for y’all to eat.
(I can’t start Hunter × Hunter until next month’s donations are secured.)

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5 thoughts on “Donation

  1. Don’t you dare use my real name on your donator’s list. lul, tho I couldn’t care less about Hunter X Hunter I definitely appreciate the Attack on Titan badassary. Just can’t believe you let Deanzel beat you to a Robotics;Notes dub. Oh, for shame!

  2. Out of curiosity did my donation go through? I tried to send you $20 via PayPal on the 16th, and it’s shown up on my list of credit card transactions as “PAYPAL *ZACK”, but it doesn’t seem to be reflected in your month of May donations. Are you having problems with your PayPal account?

    1. I definitely got it. For some reason, I’m always slow at updating my website (example; “Last update 28/04/2015” in Series list). From now on, I will be updating the donations much faster.

      I greatly appreciate the donation.

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