If you guys have any suggestions, comments or requests for animes that I could re-encode, you can in the comments section below. The more you remind me, the higher the chances.
I dislike lolies. Keep that in mind.

Btw: If I’m slow to reply to a comment or to update anything on the site, it’s because uploading/updating takes time so you’ll have to deal with me being a slowpoke.

Don’t forget to seed.

1,153 thoughts on “Requests

        1. Huh there are 27 seeders as i post this. Are you sure you’re not using a torrent client that’s blacklisted by bakabt? It usually takes awhile for them to approve of newer version of utorrent if that’s what you’re using.

          1. I cannot launch U torrent in my comp. I only can launch bittorrent. Is this blacklist by them? can help me encode into mp4 version for that?

      1. Have you tried another torrent (probably one with a ton of seeds) from bakabt if its working for you? If you’re client (and version) isn’t listed here then it won’t connect to their tracker.

        As for the mp4 version, you’d have to make a proper request to zack. I’m just a leecher here lol. Or if you meant how to do it yourself, you can try Handbrake. Dpending on how fast your pc is, it can be done in a couple of minutes especially an SD show like this.

        1. @Macross I once had the exact same problem with Utorrent. What you need to do is download an older (whitelisted) version of it. Install it over the version you currently have on your computer and that’s it… problem solved.

  1. Thanks for Howl’s Moving Castle; my favorite part is when there was no audio, which was throughout the whole movie.
    What a waste of time. Fuck you, and your shitty website.
    You must be poor as fuck, using wordpress.

        1. Zack, this made my day haha! Beware the net soldiers as they are fearless behind their little pc screen in their moms basement. Endlessly roaming the net anonymously. If only they knew how to use their pc properly, they could easily enjoy your awesome re-encodes like the rest of us! Amen.

    1. +1 for an all time favorite Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Rai Grex, has good taste as AtsA’s release is by far the best one out there plus it comes with Eclipse based subs!

  2. Gundam 1978
    Gundam ZZ
    Gundam Wing
    Gundam Seed Destiny
    Soukyou no Fafner
    Cowboy Beebop

    sources: bakabt, animebytes and nyaa

      1. So do I! The Remastered BD’s especially Wing and Seed/Seed Destiny. 720p for those shows is perfect, there’s no gain with 1080p and please choose AC3 over AAC as audio.

  3. Second request. Can you please do Space Battleship Yamato 2199? It has really high ratings in anidb/ann. Saw DF planned to do this back in december but they are waiting for Nuble’s batch (they released the last ep back in november) which is looks like a dead group atm.

    Some sources:
    720p only
    Femme It says its in Hi444pp (dunno if it matters in re-encoding). The first comment also has a comparison between Femme, x4subs and Nubles.

    Nubles 720p (doesn’t have 1080p for last 4eps)

    1080p only and has PGS subs (dunno if that matters in re-encoding)

    I’ll be getting the 720p if you do decide to do this. Maybe you can do the 1080p later? Thanks ^_^

    1. You have officially destroyed the record. An 83.24GB request! And I thought 50GB of Jormungand was a lot.
      I’ll probably do it after my next seedbox purchase if my HDD can take it.

      1. lol that’s only if you pick that particular torrent. I wouldn’t pick it myself even if I have unlimited space and super fast internet lol. Just a waste to d/l something that big imo. I only posted all the available batches I saw. The other 1080p is only 20+gb. Like I said maybe you can just do the 720p for now and do the 1080p later or when someone specifically asks for it? Fortunately there is no dub of it yet so you’ll only be doing it twice max lol.

        1. And I’m not even sure if this series needs that much bitrate. If you look at the other torrents, they aren’t that big. And looking at Kagura’s other releases, they are too huge as well.

          Btw what happened to Full Metal Panic?

  4. I think you should do Jormungand 2nd season.
    there is no descent dub version out there anywhere!
    mp4 will be very appreciated!

  5. can you do flame of recca (if you can find a decent quality without watermarks. doesnt matter if not in hd). cowboy bebop, michiko & hatchin and ergo proxy all in english dub

      1. I highly doubt he’ll ever do Bleach. If you look to the right under youll see he says A Certain Scientific Railgun is a massive request and may not be worth it. That series isnt even 30 episodes. What makes you think he’ll do Bleach, which as 366 episodes?

          1. With my newly added disk space, it’s now possible but this request may take a while.
            If it wasn’t for that though there’d be no way in hell I could.
            But only 244-366.

  6. I will seed as MUCH as I can.. these are my requests:

    Madoka movies 1-3 by Coalgirls
    Photo Kano BD batch by FFF (didn’t see any .mp4 for this yet)
    Full Metal Panic series.. want to watch this SO badly but haven’t been able to
    Welcome to the NHK
    Amagami first season

    Thank you so much if you can just get one in I would be extremely happy and pleased. Thanks!

  7. Please do the mind melting Kaiba series, [F-B Ureshii] subs preferably.

    Since you asked, here’s some other requests:

    Children Who Chase Lost Voices film (eng dub)
    Cencoroll film (sub only)
    C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control series (eng dub)
    Beyond the Clouds:The place Promised in Our Early Days film (eng dub)
    Fate/Stay Unlimited Blade Works film (eng dub)
    Simoun series (sub only)

    Currently seeding everything I’ve ever downloaded from you (over 20 torrents) and looking forward to your release of Robotics;Notes!

  8. I’m trying to re-encode my own bluray and dvd collection and I had a couple questions if you don’t mind. I really like the quality of your videos and that’s how I would like my videos to be. I’m currently using makeMKV to rip the bluray/dvd then I use handbrake to re-encode. Right now I think I have a good quality with small file size for the video but I’m not sure which audio setup to use. AAC (faac), AAC (ffmpeg), or AAC passthrough? I want my videos to be able to play on ps3, android, xbox one, etc. Thank you for any help! and if you also use handbrake, if you don’t mind could you share your settings?

    1. H.264 profile: auto
      Make sure H.264 Level is at 4.0
      Constant framerate will save you some pain

      For stereo, you can use AAC (I would use ffmpeg) BUT for >2 channels, you want to use AC3 (ffmpeg).

  9. could you please upload hunter x hunter ep 60 to 120 and seperating the episodes in folders. in hd mp4 format

  10. Hiya know you guys are quite busy with all requests but for me, all I can say and request for is Blue Exorcist (Ao No Exorcist) in English Dubbed, 01-25 (1080p Blu-ray 8bit AAC MP4) if possible since I would like to play them on the Xbox 360. I don’t believe the 360 plays MKV files so thats why I’m sending you my request.

  11. Please re-encode the following titles:

    Space Pirate Captain Harlock ( )
    Suisei no Gargantia ( )
    BTOOOM! ( )
    Mirai Nikki ( )
    Magi ~The Labyrinth of Magic~ (; GG or Commie subs is fine )

    I know these are too much for you but you may pick one that suits to your liking. Sorry for always giving you hard time. -bows-

    Have a good day! 🙂

  12. I would be massively grateful if you could do the following for me, as im sure would many of your fans.

    Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (English Dub – 1080p MP4, PS3/Xbox ready)

    Attack on Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin (English Sub – 1080p MP4, PS3.Xbox ready)

    Dragonball Z Kai (English Dub – 1080p MP4, PS3/Xbox ready)

    Steamboy (English Dub – 1080p MP4, PS3/Xbox ready)

    If you have done any of the shows/movies listed above already by all means please send a link to them.

    If you decide to any or all of my requests, know I have no preferential order in which why they are done. Getting even one would be good enough for me. So anyway, hope you consider doing one or more than one of them some time. I have been very impressed with your work so far, keep it up.

  13. Softsub. Not sure what kind of complications softsubbing presents for you, but I think people would appreciate the option to disable signs/karaoke in you eng dub releases, especially for picturesque masterworks like the Ghibli and Makoto Shinkai films.

    I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but this is the one improvement that would make your high quality encodes superior. Hope you take softsub into consideration for future 720p releases. You’re doing US dub for Arrietty, right?

    1. The whole point of this is so it plays on peoples’ xbox/ps3/iphones n stuff which unfortunately don’t work with softsubs usually. If you’re watching it on something that can, chances are it probably plays mkv…

  14. Hey bud, I would like to extend my current request by adding: Asenshi’s Jormungand – Perfect Order (S2) to it, now that it has been released. Apparently they released it back on the January the 1st. (I only just found out) [ ] With it the series is complete. 😀

    You know that I’m looking for an encode with (very) high bitrate and as much grain preserved as possible. With this series I don’t care if the encode ends up bigger/larger than it’s source. Because Asenshi’s release is freakin’ perfect, the only problem is that it’s 10bit. Please make it your best project yet. I’ll promise to seed it to death!

    1. I see that I’ve made a sloppy error in my post. (the January the 1st.)
      Not sure which is correct: the 1st of January or January the 1st.
      I chose the latter and forgot to completely delete the former.

  15. Could you add Samurai Flamenco and Golden Time, that you for adding these, especially keeping current with Space Dandy

          1. the entire series as i know consists of 2 series with 2 seasons each.
            A Certain Magical Index
            A Certain Magical Index II
            A Certain Scientific Railgun
            A Certain Scientific Railgun S

            i believe that is it, those are the english translations for the shows

          2. Deadfish already did those 2 Index seasons. If I remember right, only Index S1 doesn’t have the OP/ED attached. So please just request S1 only. It’s a waste of time to do 24 episodes that already are in mp4… time better spent on 1 or 2 series that doesn’t have a mp4 version yet.

  16. Hello Admin-san!^^
    Please upload some outstanding Studio Ghibli film’s like The Borrower Arrietty, Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle in 8bit. I wanna watch ‘em via my LED TV (it only accepts 8bit). If you don’t mind, please include Kotonoha no Niwa as well. All of ‘em were subbed by Coalgirls. These may sound selfish to you but I wanna have ‘em so bad. Hope you consider. Thanks in advance! 🙂

    Hope to receive your reply soon.

  17. Please work your encoding magic on the Fate/Zero and Steins;Gate dubs. All versions available are ultra bloat, especially Fate/Zero.

  18. If I may,

    Fate/Zero series (S1+S2+Special+OP+ED) by UTW
    Steins;Gate series (TV+OVA+Movie+OP+ED) by WhyNot

    If you decide to pick these up, pls check for v2 patches for some of the episodes on their website since it’s not included in their first batches. 🙂

  19. Another great series to watch on the big screen would be: Rising Sun’s Ghost in The Shell – Stand Alone Complex (S1) [] Let me know what you think.

  20. +1 for Hanasaku Iroha.

    And my own request: Asenshi’s Jormungand S1 [] I’m still waiting for someone to re-encode this with high bitrate and as much grain preserved as possible. Sadly they didn’t do a 1080p release.

    1. i agree with Trig, i didnt get to finish the series, but its very good. actually. i dont really need re encodes but.. its just a suggestion

    2. DeadFish already done DmonHiro’s releases. So, I’d like it if you would do Some-stuffs’ version instead since they use MMM’s sub which were more in line with the manga and author’s intent like the Pillar Men’s name which was supposed to be based on old group/band of singers. Just 720p is fine though 🙂

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