Psycho-Pass 01-22 (1080p Blu-ray 8bit 2.1AAC MP4)

Psycho-Pass 01-22 (1080p Blu-ray 8bit 2.1AAC MP4) - PSYCHO-PASS Superseded

Definitely my best encode.
This has been subbed by the communist party of america and I support their communist ways.

Btw: If ever that term goes vital or is used, I declare myself as being the inventor.
Title(s): Psycho-Pass, Psycho Pass
Video: [Commie] 1920x1080p -> 1920x1080p
Audio: Japanese 2.1 channel AAC
Size: 14.4GB
Subs: [Commie]

Includes creditless OP/ED in separate files.

Download: Torrent

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Seed Please (more than happy to seed myself once I get the set) This series needs more love! XD


Hey man it says here its 14gbs but it only took 6 gbs on my sd card…whys that?


No idea why? But I can’t get this to work on my blu-ray player or my sons XBox 360, both of which normally have no problem with mp4 files.

Shame, it looks good on the PC but I really don’t enjoy watching stuff that way..