With this many torrents on the site, funds are needed to maintain them. This is where donations come in.

Donations are use for:

  1. – New hardware (Especially with x265 which is basically 24/7 encoding. Parts to make the job easier. Always in need of HDDs.)
  2. – Hardware repairs (Dying HDDs, bad/worn out parts.)
  3. Seedboxes (A monthly service used to share torrents at a fast speed which keeps them alive much longer.)
  4.  -New: Streaming Service (The Video Streaming Service.)
  5. – Web hosting (Very Important. The website itself.)
  6. – Etc (Other small things that may help)

Any donation is appreciated.

As of right now, funds would go toward a new HDD because one of them has a bad sector and will absolutely need to be replaced.
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