Alright boys!

This is still a work in progress but most of it is already here.

I changed A LOT! This could have great potential but google has been censoring me HARD from search results so I don’t know. I’d probably have 10-25x the views if it wasn’t for that.


  • 1. I added a way for people to log-in/register to the site to post comments and more. You don’t need no phone number / 2 step verification bullshit to make an account.


  • 2. You can always NOT login and still make comments. (Not sure how well that will work and for how long though with the potential increase in comments…)

  • 3. Upon registering, you will get your own profile with an avatar, a “wall” with the ability to make posts which is probably useless but it’s a very nice feature.

Depending on how it goes, this feature is subject to change.

  • 4. You can use your Disqus account to login and comment on here. Would of added Facebook/Twiiter/Google but… it’s complicated… “no phone number / 2 step verification bullshit to make an account.”

  • 5. I am currently adding a make shift comment section on all of my torrents. The new streaming & downloading feature was the biggest addition to the site to date but I always thought the comments were missing from the experience.


Basically, when that black box (the one that normally says “0 New Videos Today”) increases, it means I added an extra download link post to the site for the current day. I only have like 280 more to go… only…

  • 6. Since around 2 months ago, downloads / streams are noticeably faster. (Torrents are the same speed though.) I’m getting awesome speeds but let me know if it’s slow for you guys.


  • 7. I did some changes to the visuals. The comments also auto update every minute instead of having to refresh all the time.


  • 8. Big Backend changes. (Irrelevant to you guys.)

And that’s most of it. Let me know if there’s anything broken or off on the site as I’m currently working on it.

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Profile link keeps looping me back to


Sorry to say this bc it seems like a lot of work has gone into it, but I don’t really see a reason to register.. maybe if there are more features but i’m not really interested in more social networking type stuff


Quite late to the party, I just found this website and it’s BOMB in my opinion. You could add specific badges for registered users, maybe a counter of how many episodes they downloaded/watched, or for donators. Maybe you could add a “To Watch”, “Watched” and “Dropped” function to every user and an option to make it public or not (if that’s there I’m sorry if I suggested existing things, as I said I just registered and I started reading some stuff about the website).