Testing Surround Sound Audio

I’m attempting to reinstate multichannel audio. Generally, 720p versions will have AAC and only the 1080p versions will have AC3 if needed. Basically, AC3 = More than 2 channels. Of course, it will be of very high quality just like my AAC encodes.

Please leave a comment if you like/care about surround sound (I need to know if it’s worth doing) and if there are any compatibility issues.

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Surround is the future. Or maybe I should say…today? 🙂
2.0 sound is good for devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.
But many people are watching anime on TV with their home theater system on (like me).
Quality of the sound is as important as video 🙂

Wouldn’t it be easier for You to do MKV’s?
Belive me, people would love to see 8bit MKV’s, instead of those not everwhere working 10bits 🙂

Keep up the good work anyway!


Nothing to do with the subject but i need to say the following:

keep the good work ! since a long time now, i consider you’re doing the best encoding available amid the rls scene
i love you work
thanks very much for all you’ve done and for what’s to come
i know it might be sometimes pain in the ass but keep on man since many people appreciate your doing
cheers from France


Yes! Like this a lot, no issues yet. Came for GitS: Arise 1 & 2, also got both dubs for Howl’s Moving Castle. Have family that prefers the the English and Japanese, being able to get separate editions and not needing to change audio tracks, or remove unneeded encodes myself to reduce file size is totally awesome. You have LaFiskers permanent seed. Will be looking into your other releases.


I for one can’t see any problem in that and I don’t see any reason for other people not to like a surround audio with their anime. The only problem I see is people will start asking you to redo your old releases in 5.1 audio.
And also, why do leave the 720p behind?