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Er…about that..y-yeah, I successfully split the movie, both of ’em work with no flaws via TV but still bothered me with the first part since it has no thumbnail (I saw it via desktop), unlike the second part. I really wondered about that. I do followed all directions in the tutorial. I have some copies of your split movies, both have thumbnails. Maybe I did a mistake half-way? It would be reassuring and satisfying if you’d do the split. Nweiz, I decided to keep the original since it’s such a waste to discard a pretty neat re-encode. Your work is really incomparable, you see^^

I observing you for a while already and what I found is you’re always fulfilling most of my requests, I mean ALMOST. Why’s that? I feel bad for others who waited for long to have theirs. I feel bad at myself too coz I want to reciprocate all what you’ve done for me via donation but I’m unable to do so since I don’t have those credit card thing. I’m sorry for wasting your precious time reading my stupid sentiments lol XD


Thanks was just bout to d/l Hatsuyuki’s mp4.


Kyaa~! Hayai desu! Zack-sama, you’ve never failed me. I thought I’ll be waiting for a month or two to release both. I’ll be your avid fan and always will be!
Too much exaggeration but I don’t care lol XD