Direct Downloads for NoobSubs!!!

I recently had my website suspended for a few days which scared me into this idea!

Since I have to pay for the website this month…
I had this idea of changing the website’s server to a whole new one. This new one will have insane specs for a relatively “cheap” price! (Time limited deal!)

Basically, it’ll combine my seedbox (server that uploads torrents at high speeds) with the website, which would enable you guys to direct download (basically, one click to download) all the available anime from this website!!! while still torrenting them if you want to.

But the problem is that I’ll be putting all my eggs in one basket and the donations will HAVE to come in. Before, a missed payment was okay because the website and seedbox were separate but now….

Or maybe, I could still use the same service for the website and have the direct download seedbox on the side…. hmmmm…. Safer but expensive though…

I left the paypal donation link below. The amounts donated, will determine whether this plan goes through or not. If all is well, you’ll all get 100 Megabytes (yes, MEGABYTES per second) going to the site or (Shared by Torrents and Direct Downloads.) Not sure if it’s enough but it seems like a cool idea.

What do you guys think? Let me know.
If nobody donates, I will resume like before… but that would be lame…

Btw: I didn’t forget about Monogatari.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

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Alternative payment like WebMoney would be appreciated for international users (india). Also, you could setup a XDCC server instead of ddl, which is much less risky. Ask on #NIBL user -MV-


Could you possibly rip the HiDive english dub of “Why the hell are you here, teacher” since it’s less censored? Thank you!