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[NoobSubs] GARO -DIVINE FLAME- (720p/1080p Blu-ray 10bit AAC/FLAC)

I was supposed to do this sooner but that karaoke had defeated me. It was an epic battle but unfortunately, I ran out of stamina and could take no more. However, here we are, 2 months later, I felt a sudden jolt of energy and re-challenged that dreadful karaoke! We dueled all day and night but with its accumulated damage from our last battle, it stood no chance!

Special thanks to [SITD] for doing the translation.
Re-styled, added Ending and Opening karaoke.

Title(s): 牙狼, Garo: Divine Flame, GARO -DIVINE FLAME- (Movie)
Video: BDMV -> 1280x544p/1920x816p MKV
Audio: Japanese 5.1 channel AAC/FLAC
Subs: [SITD] – [NoobSubs]

Download: 720p|1.46GB / 1080p|4.62GB