The struggle can kill you… or make you stronger!

In efforts to remain alive, I will be changing things a little (working overtime) and releasing considerably more anime for the rest of the month (assuming I survive that long). I’ve felt for a very long time that I could do more and I guess now’s the time. Some will not have 1080p versions because the bandwidth needed is just wayyy too much and sometimes I ask myself if any sane person would do the same thing I did (the whole 720p + 1080 + 720p dub + 1080p dub thing).

I would like to thank you all for your support thus far. I never expected to be doing this for so long. It’s been a little over a whole year and this wouldn’t have been possible without you, especially the ones that have saved me in the past (via very generous donations or at a critical time). I hope to continue supplying you guys with high quality re-encoded anime for months to come or at least until the zombie apocalypse arrives.

Btw: One of my seedboxes will shut down in about 36-48 hours and 20$ would really help! (It’d be a lot easier if I just had 20$ but I’m so broke that if I’m off by a dollar, I can’t pay.)

Edit: It survived.

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Hey man! I have recently come into possession of an invite to AnimeBytes private tracker. I just wanted to say that up till now, your dub releases have been awesome. As such, would you be interested in gaining access to their site? They have the full set from nearly every fansub release as well as a massive overabundance of seeders. If you’re interested, shoot me an email at

Some Fag
Some Fag

You’re such a badass, bro. I think this will be the month I finally setup a paypal and donate.


Keep up the good work man! …Stay Strong!