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Last month, while working on Sword Art Online, I’ve had the idea of uploading not just Anime, but Soundtracks as well (been wanting to do that for sometime now) so I decided to create a new website! You can think of it as the Soundtrack division of NoobSubs, exclusively for Anime and video game soundtracks and offers them in MP3/FLAC. I even added a demo so you can listen to the songs before you download.

There’s not much right now but I added a link in the menu above. You can’t miss it.

If you’ve been wondering what the hell I’ve been doing during the past month and a half, it was that, along with the new comment system, new download page and a few other “optimizations” (don’t worry about it). It was my only “chance” to do it but maybe it was a bad call… Sword Art Online had so much albums to do, that.. I don’t know… it seemed like a good idea at the time…

Now about the Series torrent deadline.. well… you know… SOON.

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Nice! I hope you add the previous soundtrack as well. Thank you!