[NoobSubs] Dragon Ball Z Movie 15 – Resurrection ‘F’ (720p/1080p Blu-ray 10bit Dual Audio AAC/FLAC)







I used the official subs and changed the Japanese names to the Funimation dub names as well as modified some lines.

The horror is over and I even added a karaoke at the end. I thought the karaoke would only take a few hours… but somehow, those hours became days… I hope you guys like this.

Let me know if there’s anything wrong.

Only in the 1080p version:
– US Trailer
– English NCED/English ED/Japanese ED
– Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK [MP3V0]
– Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ – “Z” no Chikai / Momoiro Clover Z [MP3V0] + Music Video (720p)
– The Voices of Dragon Ball Z (In-the-booth “making of” footage)
– The Return of Dragon Ball Z (Cast interviews & red carpet footage)

Title(s): Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, Dragon Ball Z Movie: Revival of “F”
Video: JP BDMV -> 1280x720p/1920x1080p MKV
[VCB-S&philosophy-raws] -> 1280x720p/1920x1080p MKV
Audio: US BDMV English 2.0/5.1 channel AAC/FLAC
JP BDMV Japanese 2.0/5.1 channel AAC/FLAC
Subs: [NoobSubs]

Download: 720p|3.07GB / 1080p|9.98GB

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Como faço para entrar para o grupo?


Hi, Can u upload the Japenese Audio for this one pls ?


Bad Torrent.
Awful english audio, should have putted japanese on on 720p.

May your next work be better.
Wish you luck.

Amaterasu user

Holy cow that’s a big file. THanks man. !! 😀

Amaterasu user

I will seed a lot. Don’t worry about that. 🙂 Double of the file if I can. Maybe 2,5 time, also 25 GB. But the minimal is the size of the file that’s is 10,3 GB (for me). 🙂


Is anyone else having trouble downloading with the 1080p link? Isn’t working for me.


So when they say Son Goku, it only says Goku in the subs?

Question bout the movie and tv series, this movie will eventually be included in Dragon Ball Super, right?


He’s using Funimation Names for Characters etc. Funimation always uses “Goku”, with I think one single exception in the DB Kai Dub, when he’s introducing himself to Freeza, ironically, IIRC.

Yes, this is the second Arc of DBS, which is due to begin once the Filler Episodes we’re currently experiencing end. Much like the Battle of Gods Arc, it’ll be over-stretched because more Episodes = more MUNIEZ.

The upcoming 3rd “Battle of Gods” Movie is going to go through the same thing, serving as the 3rd & final announced Arc for DBS. Though they’re quite likely going to up its Episode Count with more Arcs anyway, so yeah.

(I just realized this means they’re going to make Battle of Gods 3’s TV version before the Movie version……)

P.S. Thanks Zack! <3 (Another thanks for the Bonuses, great stuff :D)

Amaterasu user

Yup. They are already on that arc. The beerus arc is finished that were supposed to represent last year movie Kami to Kami and now this movie is incorporated in the series. I can’t wait so I had to download the movie. And usually they do a lot better work on the movie than the dragged out series. -.-‘ I guess it’s obvious since people are watching it on the cinema. ^^