eng dub MP4 > Dual Audio MKV

You may have noticed that I’ve been doing dual audio releases instead of my regular eng dub MP4s. I’ve been testing it for a while (or was just too lazy to ever make this post) and decided to replace them with the dual audio releases. I made them in such a way that you can still easily “transform” them to the eng dubs of before by following my super easy tutorial because the Signs/Karaoke are hardsubbed so it all works out. This process can be done in minutes.

BTW: Sorry for the low number of uploads lately. I was working on Toaru Majutsu no Index series which is 4×24 episodes in 1 torrent but downloading the raws + dubs is talking REALLY LONG. I’ll WILL TRY TO UPLOAD AS MUCH AS A CAN FROM NOW UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH.

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sir.. when is the next upload?


what software do u used to encode..i usually use handbrake but i dont know how to adjust the subtitle font from become big especially the sub from fffsub…sometime its make subtitle become 3 line…can u make some tutorial for that..

Matruprasad Chand (@Matt110110)

This is a bit unrelated to the topic, but Mr. Zack I wanted to know where do you get the subtitle files. Do you sub them yourself or do you get them from some source? Above in the comment you mentioned that you are downloading raws so I was curious.

animeftw 999
animeftw 999

PLEASE RESPOND BUT THERE IS JUST ONE THING I NEED TO KNOW, is the opening attached to the episode?

zaldy dela cruz

Hi Noobsubs. How do you do it the other way? Mp4 with hardsub i mean.