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Direct Downloads for NoobSubs!!!

I recently had my website suspended for a few days which scared me into this idea!

Since I have to pay for the website this month…
I had this idea of changing the website’s server to a whole new one. This new one will have insane specs for a relatively “cheap” price! (Time limited deal!)

Basically, it’ll combine my seedbox (server that uploads torrents at high speeds) with the website, which would enable you guys to direct download (basically, one click to download) all the available anime from this website!!! while still torrenting them if you want to.

But the problem is that I’ll be putting all my eggs in one basket and the donations will HAVE to come in. Before, a missed payment was okay because the website and seedbox were separate but now….

Or maybe, I could still use the same service for the website and have the direct download seedbox on the side…. hmmmm…. Safer but expensive though…

I left the paypal donation link below. The amounts donated, will determine whether this plan goes through or not. If all is well, you’ll all get 100 Megabytes (yes, MEGABYTES per second) going to the site or (Shared by Torrents and Direct Downloads.) Not sure if it’s enough but it seems like a cool idea.

What do you guys think? Let me know.
If nobody donates, I will resume like before… but that would be lame…

Btw: I didn’t forget about Monogatari.

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Monogatari Series NewbSubs

Special thanks to the 2 generous Souls who donated, especially the second guy. This website wouldn’t be possible without you.

The Seedbox DID get shutdown but I’ve been planning on doing a NewbSubs (x265 Softsubbed) version of my Monogatari Series torrent. Knowing how x265 destroys your CPU and takes minimum 5x longer to encode, I’ll take advantage of this “extra time” to do it. That way, I won’t have to worry about next months bill because… there is none.

Upload speeds will be… slower until then.

Let’s hope I actually do it this time.

March Donations

Sorry but real life events have set me back by at least 7 days. I haven’t been uploading nearly as much as I would have liked but…

I’m still seeding and donations are needed to continue doing so. Any donation is appreciated.
Been really reluctant to ask because I STILL didn’t complete Sword Art Online or Evangelion…

Edit: The bill’s due date is cutting close…


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NoobTracks – Anime and Video Game Soundtrack Website…


Last month, while working on Sword Art Online, I’ve had the idea of uploading not just Anime, but Soundtracks as well (been wanting to do that for sometime now) so I decided to create a new website! You can think of it as the Soundtrack division of NoobSubs, exclusively for Anime and video game soundtracks and offers them in MP3/FLAC. I even added a demo so you can listen to the songs before you download.

There’s not much right now but I added a link in the menu above. You can’t miss it.

If you’ve been wondering what the hell I’ve been doing during the past month and a half, it was that, along with the new comment system, new download page and a few other “optimizations” (don’t worry about it). It was my only “chance” to do it but maybe it was a bad call… Sword Art Online had so much albums to do, that.. I don’t know… it seemed like a good idea at the time…

Now about the Series torrent deadline.. well… you know… SOON.

New Download Page

There were a lot of complaints about not being able to access the torrents and questions on “how to download” so I now finally finished changing the download link. It has a much better interface and you should be able to download from it with no problems whatsoever. I guess I’ll keep the other one as a “backup” in case anything happens.

True challenge: Donations, PASSED!

Can’t believe we made it! With the donations, the annually website’s bill was covered. There was also the domain bill that I forgot about but that got covered too so we’re good!
Thank you Very Much! I thought this was the END but SOMEHOW this site lives on!

It looks like I have finally have enough funds to make a “Series” torrent or 2!… But what will it be, is the question… Basically Evangelion, Fate or Queen`s Blade which I all still, STILL have in my HDDs.

True challenge: Donations

Alright, the bill for the actual website is coming. It’s an annual bill. If you take the seedbox plus this bill that’s coming, it’s around 150$. I don’t know how this is going to happen with the recent donations but if you have spared funds please think about donating some. I have until the 21th. After that, I don`t know what happens.

Edit: Raised 38$ so far. Around 12 days left until the 21th.
Edit 2: Good news! Will update tomorrow!!

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