DATE A LIVE II + OVA (720p/1080p Blu-ray eng dub MP4)






I was about to finish the dual audio MKV version with the [FFF] subs when I realized that the English Blu-ray actually has parts removed across the episodes and is different from the Japanese Blu-rays (Basically Japanese video doesn’t/can’t match the shorter english audio) sooo… Not this time…

– OVA (episode 11)

Title(s): Date A Live II, Date A Live 2, OAD
Video: [RH] -> 1280x720p/1920x1080p MP4
Audio: English 2.0/5.1 channel AAC/AC3
Subs: Blu-ray

Download: 720p|3.61GB | 1080p|7.14GB

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7 thoughts on “DATE A LIVE II + OVA (720p/1080p Blu-ray eng dub MP4)

  1. I think that the US studio(s) decided to remove such scenes due to pretty obvious reasons. We do have certain laws in the USA about such content don’t we…?

  2. Believe that Funi’s been doing such censoring stuff since they started dubbing anime… May be too subtle to notice for older shows. But still… Why bother claiming that they are BD’s with extra content while removing certain content!? Happened to notice such on the Fairy Tail dual audio BD’s by funimation as well. If anyone else have noticed such injustice with their dual audio BD’s and such… Please do not hesitate to warn others about to waste their time and sometimes, cash for inferior dubbing with no better video than the TV broadcast. Simply, Warn A Brotha’ if ya see one…!

    1. @AnoN in this case it’s not FUNi’s fault the Japanese publishers gave FUNi the TV Masters not there BD masters for Season 2 and also went a head and did a directors cut box of S1

          1. Now I find that hard to believe… Rather have encountered US studio censoring on DVD videos back in the day. So seeing japan’s current anime situation. I highly doubt that it is them that would remove scenes from their actual BD uncut version just to troll their fans in the west… :/

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