Robotics;Notes (720p Blu-ray Dual Audio 8bit AC3)




This is for some fag. I never forgot. Only took 3 years.
I’m liking this karaoke.

– Episode 01-22
– English Commentary (Episode 06, 10, 15, 22)
– Audio Drama: A day in the life of Frau Koujiro (Video)

Title(s): Robotics;Notes
Video: [WhyNot] -> 1280x720p MKV/MP4
Audio: English/Japanese 5.1/2.0 channel AC3/AAC
Subs: [WhyNot] – [Hybrid-Kaitou] – [deanzel], Audio Drama [WhyNot]

Download: 720p|14.9GB

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One thought on “Robotics;Notes (720p Blu-ray Dual Audio 8bit AC3)

  1. Whoa! Really solid of you to remember after all this time. You’re a truly a god among encoders, Zack, and I will definitely be adding this to my archives.

    Looking forward to your release of the 4th Persona 3 movie.

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