If you guys have any suggestions, comments or requests for animes that I could re-encode, you can in the comments section below. The more you remind me, the higher the chances.
I dislike lolies. Keep that in mind.

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1,018 thoughts on “Requests

  1. Any chance you could squeeze the Prison School OAD mp4 ahead of your to do list? You only released it in your dual-audio batch.

  2. Could you do ghost in the shell English dubbed 1995 film and ghost in the shell innocence in 1080p. Also could you upload death note English dubbed 1080p

  3. Could you pls upload ghost in the shell(1995) and ghost in the shell innocence 1080p English dubbed . Could you also upload code gears r1 and r2 English dubbed 1080p thank you .

  4. A very grand Batch of SAO-I & that EXTRA EDITION along with SAO-II and every OFFLINE ep. bonus/special and/or soundtracks & BD menus an’ such… ALL in Glorious BD quarity w/subs. No ENG DUB please… 😉

  5. I may be in the wrong place but do you have these two Miyazaki books “Starting Point” and “Turning Point” or you happen to know where I can find a PDF version?

  6. Do you think you could re-encode the newly released dual audio of Infinite Stratos 2 ova world purge with the Infinite Wedding Picture Drama in 720p format?

      1. Could you also do the picture drama in 720p mkv format if possible since the only version in 1080p is 5.0 gib for something that lasts under 30 min.

  7. I know it wouldn’t be a priority, but can you do when it’s possible a MP4 subbed release of Escaflowne, just like you did for the dubbed version? Thanks and happy new year!

  8. I would love it if Kizumonogatari II would happen, also: Owarimonogatari doesn’t “have a torrent supplied” thank you

  9. I don’t know if it’s me, but I can’t download Sword art online 01-25 720p / 1080p. Maybe there’s a problem with the links, I don’t really know. Could you (or someone else) test it and in case do something about it please? T_T
    I’d appreciate it very very much.

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