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The struggle can kill you… or make you stronger!

In efforts to remain alive, I will be changing things a little (working overtime) and releasing considerably more anime for the rest of the month (assuming I survive that long). I’ve felt for a very long time that I could do more and I guess now’s the time. Some will not have 1080p versions because the bandwidth needed is just wayyy too much and sometimes I ask myself if any sane person would do the same thing I did (the whole 720p + 1080 + 720p dub + 1080p dub thing).

I would like to thank you all for your support thus far. I never expected to be doing this for so long. It’s been a little over a whole year and this wouldn’t have been possible without you, especially the ones that have saved me in the past (via very generous donations or at a critical time). I hope to continue supplying you guys with high quality re-encoded anime for months to come or at least until the zombie apocalypse arrives.

Btw: One of my seedboxes will shut down in about 36-48 hours and 20$ would really help! (It’d be a lot easier if I just had 20$ but I’m so broke that if I’m off by a dollar, I can’t pay.)

Edit: It survived.

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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (720p Blu-ray eng dub MP4)

[NoobSubs] Gundam Wing 13 (720p Blu-ray eng dub 8bit AAC)

No 1080p version.

– Episode 01-49

Title(s): Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Gundam Wing, Gundam W, New Mobile Report Gundam Wing, New Mobile Report Gundam-W, New Mobile War Chronicle Gundam Wing, Shin Kidō Senki Gundam W, Shin Kidou Senki Gundam
Video: [EG] -> 960x720p MP4
Audio: English 2.0 channel AAC

Download: 720p|31.8GB
Backup 720p|31.8GB